UTexas Law Professor is Leading Expert on National Security Law

Photo by Jennifer Hancock.

Photo by Jennifer Hancock.

Bobby Chesney has been at the University of Texas School of Law since 2008, after a stint at Wake Forest Law. He is one of the nation’s leading experts on national security law, including cybersecurity, which is a major focus of the Chesney-directed Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law. Chesney, a one-time law firm associate, may be best known for co-founding the popular Lawfare blog and for co-hosting the entertaining National Security Law Podcast with fellow UT Law professor Steve Vladeck. In a wide-ranging interview with Lawdragon, Chesney discusses his career and shares his thoughts on some of the most pressing security issues of the day. He also explains why he love teaching this subject matter so much.

“One thing I love about the various national security law courses I teach is that they all require engagement with multiple areas of law,” Chesney says. “You can’t study the legal aspects in isolation, in other words. It would be like trying to understand environmental law without knowing or caring anything about pollutants, polluters, or the EPA. You wouldn’t just sit there and memorize the Clean Water Act.”

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