About Us

The Lawdragon Campus Advantage

At its simplest, our goal is to improve law school choice by increasing the amount of meaningful information available and giving it to you in a searchable format.

Lawdragon Campus is founded on the principle that there is no one best law school in the United States, but there is one that’s best for each prospective candidate – if, in fact, law school is the right choice. We hope this replaces the one-size-fits-all mentality of rankings that encourages students to go to the “top-ranked” school they get into.

Here you can search for schools by where you want to attend school or by where you want to work, along with other filters, such as total costs of tuition and expenses, school accreditation status or availability of part-time programs.

You can compare and sort schools by these filters as well as by national and state employment rates, curriculum strengths and other data to assess the best value for your academic and professional interests.

This site also provides daily news in legal education; features on students, law school staff and prominent alumni; financial advice, and ongoing results from the Lawdragon Law School Survey on school satisfaction.


Founded in 2005, Lawdragon is a legal media company that provides free online news and features – including our well-known guides to the nation’s leading lawyers – as well as a platform for lawyers and firms to promote their practices and enhance their identities online.

Among our editorial features, the Lawyer Limelight is our popular online Q&A series featuring interesting practitioners from around the nation. Each year, we publish the Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America – the most elite distinction in the profession – which is presented in our highly acclaimed print and digital magazine.

Our new Insights guides are the insiders’ look at the top outside counsel in select practice areas, as chosen by in-house counsel, and are published quarterly online and in print. We also publish in-depth features on public interest and human rights issues, with regular coverage of accountability mechanisms for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.